We make little photobooks of all of our travels…

"We make little photobooks of all of our travels so the kids can have a copy as well. Just a memory of that mini break or Summer holiday. They are lovely to refer back to - each trip named + dated on the spine. It’s actually so lovely to have them and it’s amazing how many memories they hold!"

…. brilliant PA

"It is a fantastic service. I never dreamt that one person could do such brilliant PA work and also be prepared to help with advice on plumbers, banking and research for my (hopefully) forthcoming book!"

… bringing order where there was chaos

"Thank you for the lovely Christmas presents, beautifully presented I may add. But the best present of all has been Francine who has made my life so much easier, bringing order where there was chaos, and so nice to work with."

A huge difference

"Annabel has made a huge difference to us - she oversees our home administration and also the administration of my Trustee roles. Annabel deals with our utilities, bills, post, passports, travel arrangements and also our accounts. Annabel also helps our 3 adult children with their administration. Everything is filed in the right place and all the time consuming tasks that we could never even begin are effortlessly dealt with. No problem is too much and she is totally trustworthy and discreet."

Light and free

"Just got home. You have done an amazing job. Thank you very very much, it's such a relief, apart from knowing everything is safe, I also have that wonderful feeling that unpacking with you will be just delightful!! I generally feel light and free...."

Totally brilliant and professional

"After the initial disappointment that I hadn't signed up to the legendary nightclub, I found Annabel to be curiously helpful to begin with and after a few years totally brilliant and professional in all my family's needs. Now we can just about stagger through Monday and Wednesday without her!!"

A much needed sense of order

"I have truly appreciated having Emma around - she has helped to bring a much needed sense of order to the general chaos of family life!  A filing system that works so that I can find things - what a revelation!  Organizing and liaising with cleaners, carpet cleaners, summer holiday schedules, upholsterers are just a few tasks that have made life easier.  The children love Emma helping to organize their rooms, instead of fighting me! She applies common sense, perspective, style and enthusiasm to all tasks and will go the extra mile to help out.  All in all great value to have an extra pair of hands!"

Good management alleviated the pressure

''I have known Annabel for many years since we worked together in the tennis world and so I knew who to approach when I needed to re-locate overseas. Annabel and her team - Kate and Sarah – helped my family rationalize and re-locate. They were very efficient and used their time effectively but were also empathetic about the impact of the change on my family. Their good management alleviated the pressure on me so that I could focus on other priorities."

A la carte pricing

"Annabel is:-

• A combination headhunter, human resources department and management consultant, all for the cost of an office temp.
• A relief to find skilled, experienced assistance without the risk inherent in hiring a permanent employee.
• A broad menu of services offered buffet style with a la carte pricing."

Tour Operator!

"As I get ready to leave for my summer vacation, I am passed a folder detailing flights, car hire, maps, restaurant bookings, boat charters, guest schedules, key contacts,  food deliveries and best beaches - yet another skill my PA takes on  - Tour Operator!"

Superb job

"Francine continues to do a superb job for us with our tax and regulatory matters."

Annabel has transformed our lives

"Annabel has transformed our lives in the past 5 years. She provides order to all aspects of business, social and household management. Amongst a host of things a few priorities come to mind. Diary management; updating all computer-related services; special event management; paper filing and rationalization; tax return preparation and timely payment of bills. Annabel is completely trustworthy, professional, reliable and has a very personable nature that endears her to all the family. We would find life very difficult to cope with now without her."

A wonderful memory

"Kate created a thoughtful and professionally presented photo book for my client – not only did she capture the flavour of the trip from over 900 photos and put it into sequential order with a perfect balance between the pictures of guests and the extraordinary landscapes. My client loved it and ordered 5 copies – a wonderful memory."

…our lifesaver…we will always need you

"Annabel - you have been our lifesaver. Organizing my husband since he retired with all his complicated business and then organizing our moves we could not have done it without you. Your practical and moral support and incredible hard work got us through the many crises. You are quick, highly competent and wonderful to work with and it has been great and I hope will go on for a long time, as we will always need you."

“can do, will do” attitude

"Given that I spend much of my time out of the country, I am extremely reliant on Emma to project manage the current renovations of my house.‎ This involves researching, sourcing and engaging on my behalf appropriate contractors and suppliers, including identifying and assisting with development of initial design suggestions. Therefore, I put my trust in her professional judgment to identify the best contractor for the job, and then to manage the delivery of their work, as well as trusting her to identify when she needs my input (or whether matters can proceed without such input). She also more generally "manages" my house and some of my personal administration while I am away, ensuring that matters that would otherwise only be dealt with late (or not at all) are dealt with in an efficient manner and on a timely basis. ‎I can therefore be assured that nothing "slips under the carpet". I very much appreciate how quick and easy it has been to develop the required level of trust, as well as Emma's "can do, will do" attitude."

Complete peace of mind

"Since working with Annabel, all my business and home administration is being handled much more professionally resulting in my having much more time to pursue further business opportunities and leisure interests. Annabel always manages to handle any request or issue I have with the minimum of fuss and input from myself. Most importantly, I can trust Annabel 100% with everything she does for me, resulting in complete peace of mind. Something I value greatly."

Goes that extra mile

"Sheridan does a wonderful job managing our portfolio of properties and most important of all keeps our tenants happy and always goes that extra mile for them."

PA service second to none

"Annabel is the most consummately professional company providing a PA service second to none. Endlessly efficient, knowledgeable, discreet and charming there is no task which the team cannot undertake. Our needs range from assistance in running a busy household and a rental business to tax and accounting and providing a PA for a company director and freelance television producer. We have been clients of the company for five years and in that time we have come to rely on Annabel completely. We could not imagine life without that service."

A calming presence

"Annabel has been working for us for five years. When she came my husband had just retired and his papers were in complete chaos. She had to work very hard to get it all ordered and filed properly as he has a complicated and very varied business life. Annabel is exceptionally efficient; her eye is on everything, making sure that all is dealt with immediately and discretely. She also helps me when I need her to. Annabel is a calming presence in the house, we rely on her totally and we look forward to her coming each week."

... a real doer

"Kate is an outstanding member of the operations team for my business. Far more than an administrator, she not only handles client requests, schedules client meetings and follows up with supporting materials in timely manner, she also liaises with our finance team, and marketing and tech teams to work on a variety of tasks and projects from invoicing to website improvement and twitter management. Kate’s character makes everyone’s work so much easier as she is not only mature and highly confidential when corresponding with clients and dealing with their content, but is also a real doer and an eternal optimist!"