Insurance; the very word can set even the most ardent of administrators into a total spin with its industry-led jargon, plethora of policy add-ons, and reams of fine-print terms and conditions.

Where do you start? What do you need? Who do you trust? Why does it have to be so damn complicated? 

At annabel, we have first hand experience of guiding our clients through the insurance minefield and, with the help of industry experts, have pulled together a series of articles designed to answer these questions and provide straight-forward tips on how best to tackle the insurance challenge head-on and, by doing so, ensuring you have the correct cover in place for your needs.

Insurance articles

Home insurance falls into two categories: contents and buildings. Broadly speaking, buildings insurance covers the…
Holidays should be relaxing but can quickly turn into a nightmare if you are not adequately insured. Healthcare costs in…
With the cost of car insurance set to rise due to a change in rules regarding compensation payouts, we take a look at…
Whether you’re looking to fast-track through the healthcare system for an operation or simply to reduce the costs of…
For our final piece, we turn our attention to the more niche areas of pet, appliance and cyber insurance. Whilst not as…

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